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Nautical Royalty
Nautical Royalty
The Ancient Greeks and Romans believed the seahorse was an attribute of the sea god Neptune/Poseidon and as such, the seahorse was considered a symbol of strength and power. The ancient Europeans believed that the seahorse carried the souls of deceased sailors to the underworld to give them safe passage and protection until the met their soul's destination. Chinese cultures believed that the seahorse was a type of sea dragon, and therefor revered for their power and thought to be symbols of good luck. Celtic meaning of the seahorse is they are a good luck charm of the oceans bringing sailors safe voyages and courage. It is also a the Celtic animal sign for those born February 19th – March 27th Sailors have long viewed the seahorse as a good luck charm too. Other symbolisms of this fascinating creature are: Patience, Protection, Perspective, Inflexibility, Persistence, Friendliness, Contentment, High-Perception and Generosity/Sharing
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