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Wholesale Pricing

Wholesale Membership Pricing 

  1. To achieve discounted pricing you must sign up for an account and select a membership.
  2. Wholesale Membership is reserved for business on-line and/or brick and mortar establishments.  To achieve wholesale pricing you must register by creating an account and sign up for wholesale membership. To achieve wholesale pricing you must register by creating an account and sign up for the desired membership. 
    1. A website and proof of business ownership are required in order to be approved for wholesale pricing.  This pricing is only available to legitimate businesses who wish to sell my product or are looking to have your item transformed onto one of my products.    If you do not have a website other documentation will be required. 
    2. Wholesale pricing in based on minimum quantities and varies per product.  Please feel free to contact me  if you require specific information.  Not all products  are listed with wholesale, but I am happy to create wholesale  pricing for you.
    3. Clearance items, greeting cards, prints and framed prints are exempt from volume discounts.
    4. Lead times will vary depending on the quantity and items ordered.  Large orders could take 2-4 weeks to process.
    5. You must be signed in to your account in order to see the wholesale costs and discounts.
    6. If I am able to achieve more cost efficient shipping method I will credit your account.
    7. Payment for orders is due upon order placement.  I am an individual artist and do not offer payment terms. 
    8. Upon completion of your profile your request for wholesale pricing will be reviewed and you will be notified via email if your request has been approved.  In some cases more information may be requested prior to approval.
    9. Melbe Creations by Melissa Burness maintains all the rights to my designs.  All designs are protected by a Copyright.   It is absolutely prohibited to market my designs as your own.  I will take legal action on any misuse or misrepresentation of my intellectual property (designs).   You of course reserve all rights you’re your images and design.
    10. By clicking SUBMIT to create your account you are accepting all terms and conditions that apply
  3. BEMIDJI Wholesale Membership
    1. All of the terms above apply to a Bemidji Wholesale membership.  The only difference is that shipping is not included in the cost and will be picked up by the purchaser.